The Restored W.W. II Searchlight
     If you grew up in Los Angeles, you have seen Carbon Arc Searchlights light up the sky for years at  Hollywood Bowl Concerts, grand openings of supermarkets, movie  premiers, and other functions.   They worked very well for outdoor advertising.
     Few people realize that all Carbon Arc Searchlights are all over 60 years old.  Ten thousand were made, mostly ending up in Europe for WWII. One guess puts the surviving number at about 2500 worldwide.   They were built by the General Electric  and Sperry Gyroscope  for the U.S. Military as Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Units. Their original purpose was to aide World War II anti-aircraft gunnery crews in spotting enemy aircraft during night-time air attacks.  These lights have not been built since 1944.  They were no longer useful to the military after the war having been replaced by the invention of radar.  As far as I know, my light is the only fully restored light in the country that will work with a Distant Electronic Control unit as it was designed to do during the war.
     In October of 2001, this light was brought to Santa Clarita. The goal was to restore this light to it's full W.W. II operating condition and appearance.  All the original parts and I.D. tags were to be on this machine.  Over the next 6 months,  most of the light was taken apart for painting, and located many of the parts that were missing. Parts from hubcaps to dynamotors came from all across the country as far away as New York.
    After months of hard work, the light looks like it came off the showroom floor, and performs to factory specifications.  The light is as beautiful to see in the daytime as at night.

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