Comparison of a Searchlight
to a Multi-Beam spotlight
Which light would you choose?  Look at the example maps below that show the beam coverage of our
Carbon Arc Searchlight and the average coverage of the multi-beam type light.

60 Inch Carbon Arc Searchlight          24 inch Xenon multi-beam light
Technology to light aircraft at 20,000 ft    Technology to show movies in theaters

Courtesy: De Lorme Maps

In the examples above, Direct Line Auto Sales on 1307 W. Main St in  Alhambra, had rented a small,  multi-beam type light for one of their big auto sales.  The light's generator was very loud like a lawn mower, and the beams could only be seen from a few blocks away.
A few weeks later, they  had another big sale, and rented our BIG 60 inch Carbon Arc Searchlight with a beam 5.6 miles long.  The generator was quiet as a car engine.  The beam of light could be seen from Downtown Los Angeles, and beyond!  There was a huge increase in foot traffic on the car lot, and sales were up!  Direct Line Auto now uses our 60 inch W.W.II Carbon Arc Searchlight for their BIG sales!  Note that we were very generous marking the map for the multi-beam. The area is really much smaller than shown but we made the area bigger so you would have something on the map to look at!.

Compare multi-beam rates to ours, and you will see we offer a much better value for your money. When it comes to searchlights, why would you think of using anything else but our 60 inch W.W. II Carbon Arc Searchlight ?    The Carbon Arc is the brightest man made light source there is!  Anything less is just a big flashlight.

Searchlight advertising is like any other form of advertising, Radio, TV, or Newspaper.  The price you pay for advertising time on the air or space in a paper, depends on the number of people you will be able to reach.    The only difference here is you don't have to pay that much to get the very best, and you reach thousands instantly when you use a Carbon Arc searchlight.  Carbon Arc Searchlights cover a much wider demographic group than any other media. From young children, to the very old, they are all attracted to the light beam!

Why Searchlights are better than multi-beam units
Light Output:
The average multi-beam has 2 or 4  Xenon lights, but each of  the lamps are only 2KW to 4KW in size.  Beam output is 208 to 332 million candle power for each lamp.
Our Carbon Arc light output is 12KW at 800 million candle power.

Beam Size:
The average multi-beam light has a beam output of 26 inches.
Our Carbon Arc searchlight has a beam output of 5 feet!

Beam Angle:
Due to the design of the mechanism that moves the multi-beam beam units around, the maximum angle of these lights are fixed to 22.5 degrees from vertical, pretty much pointing straight up in the air much of the time .
Our Carbon Arc beam is adjustable to rotate as low as the surrounding terrain will allow.  The lower the angle, the greater the attraction radius can be.  See the above map!

Generator Noise:
The average multi-beam generator uses a small gas or diesel motor generator similar to a small utility construction generator.  Some of these motors run anywhere from 1800 to 3600 RPM  which generates as much noise as a gas powered lawn mower engine.
Our Carbon Arc Searchlight is powered by a BIG 6 cylinder engine like the engine you would find in an automobile.  Our engine operates at 1200 RPM.  The engine is surrounded by sound deadening material, so it operates as quiet as an automobile engine at idle.

Multi-beam lights are a by-product of the Xenon movie projector lamp house developed in the late 60's to replace carbon arc lights in movie theater projectors.
Carbon Arc Searchlights were designed, and built as a searchlight to search out, and illuminate enemy aircraft at over 20,000 ft during
World War II. It has a 5 ft, 5 mile beam length visible for over 35 miles.  Best for attracting people from a larger area.

Samples of Distant Sightings

Our light operating in...                  Could be seen from...
Santa Paula                                       Ventura, Moorpark & Castaic
Alhambra                                          Encino, Downtown Los Angeles
Simi Valley                                        Santa Clarita, Thousand Oaks, Ventura
Lancaster                                          Mojave, Palmdale
Glendora                                           I-10, Clairmont
Canyon Country                               Piru

Some have told us they had driven over a 1/2 hour just to track down our Searchlight Beam.  On three occasions, our light was booked along side a multi-beam light.  Side by side, it was obvious how weak  the multi beam light is was compared to the brightness of our carbon arc.  On each of these occasions, the multi beam was turned off, and returned.