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Searchlights For Sale!

     The units shown for sale are owned by  Searchlight Advertising Companies.  I do not know the condition of these lights, so you must contact the owner.  I only provide this page as a place to display their goods.

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Things you should know....
Carbon Arc Searchlights come in 3 configurations.

1)A light in it's original W.W.II condition, will be in two separate trailers. One unit will be the generator trailer, and the other trailer will be  the light unit.   If you buy a Searchlight in its original W.W.II condition, you must also by a trailer to tow the two units with. See the pictures below.  I would not tow original equipment around more than 25MPH.

2)Another configuration are searchlights  modified, and mounted on one single trailer.  This configuration is more practical for business use.

3)Finally, the units can be configured to mount on the back of a truck, or even a fire engine!

You should be mechanically inclined....
      You will be maintaining, and operating a 60 year old "Hercules" Flat head in line 6 cylinder engine that drives a 16.7KWV DC generator.  You will also be operating and maintaining a very powerful Carbon Arc Light with a delicate carbon rod feed mechanism that you must maintain, and monitor at all times to be sure the carbon rods are feeding properly.  In most cases, you can't just fire this machine up and walk away.
     You will also need a good size truck like a Ford F250, capable to pulling between 4000 to 8000 pounds depending on your configuration.
     What do you get for all your trouble?  A powerful 800 million candle power beam that is 5 feet in diameter that reaches 5  miles into the night sky, and can be seen for over 35 miles or more when conditions are right.  You will be in charge of one of the most powerful man made light sources in the world!  You will attract people from miles around .  People will come like bugs to a light.  You better like to talk, and meet people, cause once you fire one of these lights up, they will come, and ask many questions.


Located in San Luis Obispo Ca.  $7,500.00  This is a nice Sperry light and generator on a trailer.  Runs great and nice mirror but may need some minor work as hit has been sitting for about 5 years after my open heart surgery.  The Positive feed relay intermittent  needs some minor work and the  generator that charges the battery on the generator needs to be rebuilt.  Unit sold as is. 
 Email Larry Rodkey for more information.

Located in Barstow Ca.  $16,000.00  Sperry light and generator mounted on very nice custom trailer.  Both generator and light have been well maintained and  ready to  advertise events for you.


barstow searchlight


Located in Iowa. Asking $12,000.00. this Sperry light with General Electric generator in working condition and ready for restoration!   Contact...
John R. Sybenga
P.O.Box 322
Oskaloosa, IA 52577
See more photos at....  http://sjcook.com/army/searchlight/

Larry Boggs rebuilds Searchlights for rent and for sale in Hinesville,Ga.

RETIREMENT   SALE   $9500.00

It's time to move some of these machines, plus lots of parts.

Located SE of Savannah Ga. $9,500.00
GE light & Gen on 74 Ford F600 truck  Generator; operates very well, it has NOS carb and water pump, converted to 12 volts, electric fuel pump. The gen. top has been covered in sheet aluminum. It has aluminum doors and side panels.    Light; is an aluminum drum unit, operates very well. New feed rollers in neg. and pos.  Reflector is good grade (7). Light wired to run in either direction.    Truck; V8 332 ci 4spd, good tires, recent rear brake work, clutch
replaced, engine changed out and in very good cond. runs fine. Truck  restored with rust free fenders and lh door. Both light and truck painted with polyurethane.  Other machines and parts available, too numerous to list.
Larry Boggs
912- 369-6044

Located in Hinesville, GA.GE generator and light unit, $9500.00
Light is aluminum drum unit with a nice mirror.Painted with polyurethane, aluminum doors, 30 gal. aluminum gas tank, runs 3 day job at 3 hours per day on one full tank. Rebuilt engine,NOS; engine block, pistons, rings, valves, rod and main bearings. NOS carburator, oil pump,and water pump. Stock and remote oil filter. Stored inside, less then 20 hours run time on engine. Runs excellent.
Larry Boggs

GE generator and light unit. $9,500.00
Light unit is a steel unit with a nice mirror. White paint is polyurethane, black is enamel. The generator housing is coverd or replaced with aluminum. The doors are aluminum, it has a 30 gal. gas tank. The engine is rebuilt, nos, pistons,rings,valves,rod and main bearings,carburator,oil pump and water pump. Converted to 12 volts. Both axles have brakes. Runs excellent.
Larry Boggs

Below is one more GE generator and light unit, $9,500.00
Light is a aluminum drum unit with a good mirror.Just painted with polyurethane, aluminum doors and top on the generator. Rebuilt engine, pistons,rings,bearings and etc.  Converted to 12 volts. Runs excellent.
Larry Boggs

Here is a GE light and generator mounted on a Crown fire pumper firetruck  located in Honolulu Hawaii.    The price is $29,000.00 for this combo and the price includes shipping to Long Beach, California.
The light was bought the light in 1989. The searchlight and generator were made by GE in 1942,  and the light was used in New Mexico by the Atomic Energy commission,  not as a light  but as a reflector for some unknown experiments.   It was picked up by a Nebraska light operator,  and was brokered to me by John Tyson,  the owner of Sunray lighting in Los Angeles,  who sold his entire parts inventory to skyview.  When the light arrived in Honolulu,  it was mounted on its original axles,  as was the separate generator.
The firetruck is a 1965 CROWN pumper,  originally powered by a Hall Scott dual distributor engine.  It was purchased by the City of Honolulu. The firetruck was bought 1990.   The water tank was removed from the pumper and the light and  generator was mounted on the firetruck.  The entire rig was re painted. In 1998  a military overhaul Cummins Diesel fitted because Hall Scott is out of business and  distributor parts could not be found.
In 2000  the bimini top for sun and rain protection over the cab was installed.
Contact John Wiser  808-228-2770 that would be his Cell.

Click on image for larger photo


Located in Detroit Mi, Many GE Generators and parts for GE lights in a Searchlight Boneyard. Lights are all missing their mirrors. Most of these generators were working when taken out of service years ago when the company closed.
Also available are a few NEW OLD STOCK Sperry lights and generators that were never used. They were transported to the shop in Detroit when they were new in 1949, and never used. Still have original packing slips  and tags!
Robert L Doerr 's "Classic Carbon Arc Searchlight Parts"
586-945-6127 mobile
586-777-1313 evenings (EST)

Located in Billings, Montana, Scott Prindle is selling everything, and has lots of spare parts that aren't shown for both GE and Sperry. He also has about 1500 carbon rods.  He wants to sell everything  as a package but will entertain anything.
Call: Scott Prindle (406)-656-0189

 Located in Portsmouth, Va., Jim Thorton's  "Searchlight Express" is selling his equipment. He  has fifthteen searchlights in very good condition, all of them work, and are mounted on platform trailers with gas generators. One Skytracker in almost new condition. He is looking to sell all of them.  He also has parts for sale. The brass shield, brushes, and good carbon rods. The ones we get from India are sometime defective.
Jim's  PHONE NUMBER is  757-399-8819 or cell phone 757-617-1903.
Respond to Mr. Thorton. or
Richard C. Harrell  757-396-4765  Cell 757-642-4019

A Sad Site.....A Searchlight bone yard.
As the years pass, many of these great lights end up as scrap metal

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