Victory Searchlight Advertising
2006 Chevy New Years Red Tag Sale

This commercial ran during the last week of 2006
It featured a flying car carrier flying over Times Square on New Years Eve.
The car carrier was loaded with New Chevy Cars and trucks.

This commercial was photographed against a green screen at Downey Studios in Downey California.
Downey Studios is situated on the site of a former NASA/Rockwell/Boeing aircraft assembly planet.   Space Shuttle Orbiters – Columbia, Challenger, Discovery and Atlantis – were assembled in the building where this commercial was photographed. Crowd shots with the searchlight were photographed inside against a green screen.

Outside the studio, two large cranes were use to raise this full size car carried into the sky so cameras could photograph all sides including the bottom!  All the Times Square footage was filled in with computer graphics. The visual effects supervisor  was Robert Legato who also was the visual effects supervisor for the movie "Titanic"